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You’re offtrail. You’re offtrail. You’re offtrail. Everything is different, every episode is unique - expand yourself and get inspired.

offtrail is an event series purely dedicated to design. In every edition, we will focus on one particular topic. Leaving the comfort of a beaten path and exploring what’s beyond the, roadside allows for learning, collaborating with like-minded people and approaching design from an entirely new, sometimes unconventional angle.

Our mission is to help you expand your horizon and to encourage you to view things from a new perspective. We believe the best way to achieve this, is to provide an in-depth experience and not just another meetup or talk, which is why offtrail events always consist of a workshop and a talk.

offtrail one

Design Experiences aligned with Human Motivations

Just because people can do something does not guarantee that they will. Firstly, they must be motivated. Secondly, they must be persuaded to make decisions. Understanding the emotions that support the desired behavior is the key to conversion.

You will learn the underlying psychological principles that drive humans toward action, and how to win customers and keep them without please-don’t-go pop-ups.


InVision AG Speditionstr. 5 40221 DüsseldorfGermany

InVision AG is providing offtrail with spaces within their state-of-the-art MAKI office building in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour. The workshop will be held in the Restaurant area, while the main event will take place at the Digital Garden, where various meetups and events, such as hafentalks, are hosted.