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düsseldorf, february 21 2019

Join offtrail one with our special guest Speaker and Workshop Instructor Jenny Shen who will guide you through the world of persuasive design.


You’re offtrail. Everything is different, every episode is unique - expand yourself and get inspired.

offtrail is an event series purely dedicated to design. In every edition, we will focus on one particular topic. Leaving the comfort of a beaten path and exploring what’s beyond the roadside allows for learning, collaborating with like-minded people and approaching design from an entirely new, sometimes unconventional angle.

Follow us into the rabbit hole and join us on a journey through colors, shapes, systems and motion.


Inspiration with impact

Every offtrail edition caters to a specific topic and is presented by an expert from a related industry - be it from the tech, design or any other field. We carefully select our experts based on their achievements, their work, their passion and don’t care about popularity or number of followers.

Jenny Shenis an independent UX Strategist and Designer who has worked with startups and brands including Neiman Marcus, Crate&Barrel, eBuddy, IBM and Randstad. She is a member of Toptal, a global talent network and she has received a Top 40 under 40 honour from Girls in Tech Taiwan. In her spare time, she is mentoring designers and working on global community strategy as the Regional Director of EMEA at Ladies that UX.


Learn new things

Our mission is to help you expand your horizon and to encourage you to view things from a new perspective. We believe the best way to achieve this, is to provide an in-depth experience and not just another meetup or talk, which is why offtrail events always consist of two parts. Part one is a workshop that will provide a tangible and hands-on experience, while part two is a talk format, based on what you learnt during the workshop and aimed at enhancing your knowledge.


Design Experiences aligned with Human Motivations

Just because people can do something does not guarantee that they will. Firstly, they must be motivated. Secondly, they must be persuaded to make decisions. Understanding the emotions that support the desired behavior is the key to conversion.

With experience in reward programs, B2C products and e-commerce services, Jenny will show you how to apply psychology and persuasive design patterns, and why they work.

You will learn the underlying psychological principles that drive humans toward action, and how to win customers and keep them without please-don’t-go pop-ups.


Persuasive Design Patterns

In this hands-on and immersive workshop, you will learn how to design with psychology principles that drive human action. By the end of the workshop, you will have a deeper perspective of cognitive psychology and be prepared to design effectively at the root of users’ needs.

Jenny Shen
1pm - 5pm
20 seats
119 EUR
  • How to design to sell with e-commerce patterns
  • How to design for engagement with the Hook Model and engagement patterns
  • How to build trust with trust patterns
  • What dark patterns are and how to design ethically


A one day offtrail

Workshop Track

  • Welcome

    Get registered, have a chat and snack some food

  • Workshop

    Persuasive Design Patterns with Jenny Shen

  • Networking

    Get to know other attendees and exchange what you have learned

Evening Talk

  • Open Doors

    Registration for the evening talk with snacks & drinks

  • Talk

    Persuasive Design: Design Experiences aligned with Human Motivations by Jenny Shen

  • Networking

    Talk to other attendees exchange views and connect with your peers


Affordable for everybody

At offtrail we want to make sure, everyone interested in the event has the possibility to attend, which is why the evening talk will always remain free of charge. As the workshop requires somewhat preparation and is dedicated to one specific topic, we will need to put a price tag on it, but rest assured, we will always make sure to keep the workshop attendance fees as low as possible. Essentially, we aim at encouraging students, junior staff and underrepresented groups in the tech industry to attend the event.

Bundle Ticket

This package includes the Workshop, Evening Talk followed by an Q&A Session and Networking

119 EUR

Sold out

Evening Track Ticket

This package includes the inspiring Evening Talk followed by an Q&A Session and Networking


Sold out


Come and join us

InVision AG is providing offtrail with spaces within their state-of-the-art MAKI office building in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour. The workshop will be held in the Restaurant area, while the main event will take place at the Digital Garden, where various meetups and events, such as hafentalks, are hosted.

InVision AG
Speditionstr. 5
40221 Düsseldorf

offtrail one is
presented by InVision.

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